NRCDC revitalizes defined target areas in Houston; provides and encourages economic development and investment; provides and promotes housing development for persons of low and moderate-income; improves the quality of life for residents; and works with private, public, and civic entities.

NRCDC orchestrated all programs around building and securing the futures of individuals, families, households, residents, and the communities we serve.

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Community Resident Engagements in OST/SU
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Client & Resident Engagements

Asset Building and Protection Program

NRCDC’s Asset Building, Asset Protection, and Community Empowerment Classes have impacted 40,000+ participants with over 20,000 hours of community empowerment programming since 2018.

7 Houston Area Organizations have partnered with NRCDC to provide a premier, comprehensive educational experience for our communities, catapulting class participants to experience a better quality of life through the power of knowledge.

A Month of Service (AMOS) is a partnership of programs in collaboration with NRCDC Houston, the City of Houston Department of Neighborhoods, Houston Volunteer Lawyers, Harris Central Appraisal District, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector, The Earl Carl Institute for Legal & Social Policy, Lone Star Legal Aid and Houston Bar Association, providing FREE information and resources that range from asset protection, asset building, community empowerment, maintaining generational wealth and legal concerns to the communities we all serve.

You can check out some of the previously recorded AMOS sessions by subscribing to our YouTube Channel here:  AMOS HOUSTON – YouTube


  • Homebuyer and Homeownership Education
  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Property Taxes + Exemptions
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Financial Capability
  • Adding & Maintaining Value to Your Home


Real Estate Development

What We Do

NRCDC has its sights set on lofty goals of revitalizing the inner city, while providing affordable housing (both single-family and multi-family) as well as commercial, economic, and business development projects.

NRCDC’s Real Estate Development city-wide program caters to families, professionals, single parents, and low to moderate-income residents.

How We Help Our Communities.
We remove the stigma attached to the concept of Affordable Housing. Everyone deserves fair, affordable, and decent housing. Whether a single family home or multi-family complex, we are committed to economic development through real estate.

In January 2013, Old Spanish Trail/South Union (OST/SU) was designated a GO Neighborhood by Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). Great Opportunities Neighborhoods, affectionately known as, GO Neighborhoods, is a multi-year, comprehensive initiative that focuses on community revitalization by addressing the many aspects of developing a sustainable community – a great place to work, live, and raise a family.

Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) is the convening agency for OST/South Union GO Neighborhood. Leaders of the Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance (SEHTA) and other community members and  stakeholders make up the Steering Committee that leads our efforts to transform OST/South Union into a healthy, safe, vibrant, and economically stable community. Our local and national award-winning revitalization efforts encourage and develop community leadership to become advocates by providing educational and practical opportunities to equip our residents and stakeholders while strengthening our community.

Neighborhood Recovery CDC acts as the convening agency, and is coordinating a Steering Committee and GO Teams focused on implementing the strategies laid out in the Quality of Life Agreement that identifies the community’s vision for a sustainable community. 

  • Arts, Culture, History & Media GO Team creates opportunities to unite our community by creating moments highlighting how culture connects us, history anchors us, and the arts celebrate our past and our future
  • Economic Development & Family Income & Wealth GO Team creates new economic development and investment providing needed services and amenities while creating jobs. Families are empowered with knowledge and resources to make smart financial choices to increase income and grow wealth
  • Education & Youth GO Team partners with schools, teachers, students and parents ensuring that all our children and young people possess tools to succeed
  • Health & Wellness GO Team creates healthy, connected to the city, pedestrian friendly and walkable communities with easy access to fresh and nutritious food, preventative healthcare and recreational space
  • Housing GO Team protects our existing neighborhoods, improves our housing stock, increases home ownership and attracts new housing development to meet the diverse needs of both existing and future residents, including workforce and affordable housing.
  • Leadership & Civic Engagement GO Team Connecting People. Cultivating Lives. Activating Abilities.
  • Safety & Clean-ups GO Team promotes safety through beautification and crime prevention.
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DREAM77021 is a community-led collaborative focusing on mental health, resilience, and well-being in the lives of children and youth of color and their families in OST/South Union. We provide opportunities for youth and their families to make decisions concerning our community priorities, encouraging them to take action to improve community conditions that impact mental health and well-being, such as safer streets. Funded by The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health and guided by The Prevention Institute. To learn more contact 

OHIP: Old Spanish Trail Health Improvement Partnership (OHIP) is a multi-sector collaborative of residents and other stakeholders working together to improve the health of residents of the OST/SU community by addressing the social determinants of health.  OHIP is an extension of the Health and Wellness work of the community’s revitalization efforts. The deliverables for OHIP include:

  • Increase in resident knowledge of systemic issues impacting community health
  • Increase in self-efficacy among residents to make systemic change
  • Development of changes to influence health systems in the community
  • Increase opportunities for resident leadership and advocacy training
  • Create communications channels that respond to resident preferences

Community Loan Center of Greater Houston (CLCGH) was founded in 2014 to offer small dollar consumer loans to customers as an alternative to predatory loan products. CLCGH is licensed by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commission.

NRCDC created CLCGH to further outreach initiatives revitalizing the community and to assist individuals and families build assets and obtain a better quality of life.

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Last year savings by CLC borrowers in interest and fees