Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Neighborhood Recovery CDC! Volunteers are the engine that make our neighborhoods thrive. Through our volunteer support we can uplift our community members. Join a team of dedicated volunteers who contribute creating a positive impact in this neighborhood.

Leadership Opportunities

Youth Council

Calling all 12 to 18 years olds! Join your peers in the Youth Council.

The Youth Council is a teen leadership and advocacy program dedicated creating a positive impact for the OST/ South Union community.

How will you benefit from being a volunteer in youth council?

Teens who volunteer with our organization feel proud knowing they are creating positive impact in the lives of others. Teens who are a part of our program go on to be community leaders, educators, and care providers using the skills they learned as a volunteer to help them in their future work and careers.

The youth council meets every Tuesday 4:30-6:30.

Become a Block Captain

Become the information hub for your block as a “Block Captain.”

Block Captains serve with a mission to make OST/ South Union a safer place to live, prosper, and progress.

As a Block Captain, you will be the resource center for addressing safety issues, crisis communication, sharing general neighborhood information, storytelling, and story gathering.

Through monthly meetings, you will become more aware of various resources necessary for the vitality of your block.

Community Health Champions

Are you constantly involved in the OST/ South Union community? As a Community Health Champion, you can raise community voices through listening and providing resources to people throughout your network.

Palm Center Farmer’s Market

At the Palm Center Farmer’s Market Houstonians come to buy produce, treats, and other goods from local farmers and entrepreneurs.

The Farmers Market also accepts SNAP for eligible items. We are searching for volunteers to help with our Farmer’s Market.

Volunteer duties for the Palm Center Farmer’s Market include event set up, cooking demo support, attendance sign up, and event breakdown.

Go Teams

GO Teams are the backbone of the GO Neighborhood process. Led by community residents and stakeholders, GO Teams support each aspect of the GO Neighborhood’s mission through: community activities and events and major community projects.  Join one of our Go Teams and make an impact in our neighborhood!

  • Arts, History, Culture and Media GO Team
  • Economic Development/Family Income and Wealth GO Team
  • Education and Youth GO Team
  • Health and Wellness GO Team
  • Housing GO Team
  • Leadership and Civic Engagement GO Team
  • Safety and Clean-ups GO Team
  • Strollin’ & Rollin’ (pedestrians, bike and transit riders) GO Team

Special Events Volunteers

We have special events throughout the year and we need eager volunteers to assist! If you would like to volunteer at our events, check general volunteer opportunities on the volunteer interest form.