GO Neighborhood

GO Neighborhood


In January 2013, OST/South Union was designated a GO Neighborhood by Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).  GO Neighborhoods is a multi-year comprehensive initiative for revitalizing communities by addressing the many aspects of developing a sustainable community – a good place to work, live, and raise a family.  Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) is the Convening Agency working in collaboration with Southeast Houston Transformation Alliance (SEHTA) serving as the Steering Committee in an effort to bring together residents and key stakeholders to transform the OST/South Union neighborhood into a healthy, vibrant, and economically stable community.

Click here to view the OST/South Union community’s Quality of Life Agreement

We were named 2015 Neighborhood of the Year by Neighborhoods USA (NUSA), a national organization committed to building and strengthening neighborhood organizations.  We also received the Mayor’s Proud Partners 2015 Distinguished Neighborhood award from Keep Houston Beautiful for our numerous community improvement projects.

GO Teams

GO Teams are the backbone of the GO Neighborhood process. Led by community residents and stakeholders, GO Teams support each aspect of the GO Neighborhood’s mission through community activities and events and major community projects.

1. Arts, History, Culture and Media GO Team focuses on retaining the neighborhood’s rich cultural past and present through oral histories, visual and performing arts, cultural exhibitions, social and print media.

“Kuhlman Gully Bench Dedication”

2. Economic Development/Family Income and Wealth GO Team has a vision of growing local businesses and sparking new economic development and investment in the neighborhood for job creation and assisting neighbors in making smart financial choices.

"Will Day"
“Will Day”

3. Education and Youth GO Team supports our schools and youth through mentoring, literacy, leadership, and overall well-being to increase graduation rates and encourage career and college-bound residents.

“Stop It Don’t Drop It”

4. Health and Wellness GO Team believes that our community will not thrive unless we address our total well-being. This GO Team sponsors the monthly Palm Center Farmers’ Market which takes SNAP (Lone Star card) benefits and maintains the Palm Center Community Garden.  Episcopal Health Foundation supports our efforts in becoming a Pathway to Pacesetter to accelerate our journey to be successful and multiply our effectiveness in achieving our health and wellness vision and goals.

“Community Garden”

5. Housing GO Team works to protect and improve the neighborhood, attract new housing that is appropriate and meets the diverse needs of the existing and future residents, including affordable and workforce housing and home ownership.

“Affordable Housing”

6. Leadership and Civic Engagement GO Team provides opportunities for connecting people, cultivating lives, and activating abilities for advocacy and shared leadership among neighbors on community projects.

Community Engagement
“Community Engagement”

7. Safety and Clean-ups GO Team encourages residents and stakeholders to create an environment that promotes safety through beautification and crime prevention.

“Community Clean-Up”

8. Strollin’ & Rollin’ (pedestrians, bike and transit riders) GO Team works to increase physical activity among our neighbors by improving infrastructure to make our streets safer to provide connectivity to community destinations.

“Creating a Biking & Walking Community”

Please visit the GO Neighborhoods Website for an up to date news, community activities and resources in OST/South Union.

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