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Building hope, skills, and opportunities, one family at a time. Consistently serving over 500 families at a time, Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) is a Houston-based not-for-profit community development corporation (CDC). NRCDC was established in 1990 to create thriving self-reliant, inclusive communities in the inner city, with a primary focus on south central Houston. Rev. William A. Lawson and Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Fiorenza, founded the organization after recognizing families were in grave need of assistance and the community was in critical need of economic development. Through its efforts, independently and collaboratively, NRCDC has pursued a multifaceted program of housing, economic development, community revitalization, and educational enhancement. “While revitalizing the inner city; providing affordable housing (both single family and multi-family) as well as economic and business development, may appear lofty goals, at the base of all that we do is the empowerment of the communities we serve,” said Rev. William A. Lawson. NRCDC’s mission continues to be providing opportunities for the development of people, housing, business and economic enterprise; improving public education; enhancing quality of life; and increasing community investment, financial services and community and social services.

Economic Development

Economic Development
For some, economic development simply means successful commercial enterprise; for others, development is measured by economic equality. NRCDC understands the importance fo sustaining and improving the community and is committed to assisting the south central Houston area. – Read More

Education Initiative

NRCDC Education Initiative
The Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation ( NRCDC ) recognizes the strength of individual families determines the ultimate strength of that community. – Read More


NRCDC Housing
The Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation is working to develop, revitalize adn manage quality single-family homes and apartment buildings in inner city communities. The organization is committed to providing safe, affordable housing to families while helping them mazimize their wealth creatioin. – Read More

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