nubia7Nubia Square Apartments is one example of NRCDC's massive revitalization and rehabilitation efforts in the Third Ward area of Houston. NRCDC owns this 192-unit apartment complex located at 3711 Southmore which averages 95% occupancy and transitions an average of 10 families per year from rental to homeownership. Today, Nubia is a thriving community of people who see themselves as one big family.

NRCDC sees higher density housing as an efficient use of community infrastructure and resources such as: water, sewer, and power systems, schools, and public transportation. High-density housing can also create walkable neighborhoods, and is frequently built near public transportation lines. Communities that are convenient to work and lifestyle are thus more attractive both to employers and their workforce. Higher-density development can increase property values. Although location and schools are two factors of value, the lifestyle benefits of high-density communities can drive up market value.

NRCDC has acquired and rehabilitated 280 units of affordable multi-family housing for Third Ward residents. The organization’s efforts have resulted in a consistent occupancy rate. NRCDC assists many families from NRCDC properties to homeownership every year through the housing program. NRCDC is seeking other multi-family opportunities with the goal of developing and managing 1,000 multi-family units within the next ten years.

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