Economic Development

Reasons abound for a community development organizations to play an expanded role in economic development, including a high number of young people wanting jobs; a lack of jobs that provide the income to own or rent a market priced home and maintained family; need to provide income for post-incarceration citizens, or citizens that lack the skills that local employers need.

Economic development requires CDCs to undertake more collaboration and build relationships outside of their neighborhoods. Communication with a broad array of partners is the key to creating value and generating strong interest in community investment and reinvestment. NRCDC intends to participate in the development of small and medium sized businesses either directly or through investment.

NRCDC is engaged in efforts to evaluate opportunities for direct investments and financing for the development of retail and commercial properties as means of support new business enterprises and promote job growth. The community is already repairing the benefits of these efforts through the enduring successes of the diverse mixture of small retailers and budding entrepreneurs. These enterprises employ more than 375 people.

NRCDC and the not-for-profit group are made up of and led by people who live in the community. This collaboration continues to focus on attracting and developing new enterprises to affect positive change in the community. Our commercial development activities will continue to bring investment and jobs into the communities where we are active. We intend to partner with the civic and corporate community to attract and develop the retail, social, and economic services which will aid in making these neighborhoods thriving and livable communities.

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