Single Family

The Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) extends the continuum of housing from rental to homeownership; helping families secure their neighborhood and build assets. NRCDC established an affordable housing program for low and moderate-income families. The organization builds new homes and rehabilitates existing homes to sell to program participants. In its first year, NRCDC constructed three single-family homes that were sold to families.

NRCDC will also introduce workforce housing for families earning as much as 125% of the area median income. NRCDC expects to construct and sell a minimum of 10 single-family houses per year.

Working with local architects, NRCDC has developed innovative floor plans with eight elevations designed to be affordable but spacious, based on living as a family instead of isolated units. The floor plans encourage conversing, relating and sharing, which the organization believes builds stronger family ties.

Homebuyers can choose from several different one and two-story floor plans or a townhouse. All homes are energy efficient and NRCDC is exploring LEED certification on future construction.  NRCDC has begun to rehabilitate single-family homes, with a goal of rehabilitating approximately 30 houses every year. NRCDC’s goal is to rehabilitate and sell a minimum of 250 homes within the next ten years.

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