Financial Literacy

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For many people, having a job and earning a paycheck are the keys to personal financial well being and independence from the government’s social safety net. Yet being able to earn a paycheck is not the same as being able to make informed and wise decisions about what to do with money once it reaches your hands. It is at that point when the financial literacy and competence of household members are given their first fundamental test. According to numerous surveys, most workers, particularly young ones, fail that test—and the consequences are severe.

The Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation (NRCDC) believes that financial literacy creates financial success. NRCDC educates individuals and families on personal financial management, banking, savings programs, predatory lending, and home purchasing and other asset building options and their long-term benefits. NRCDC provides “Money Health and Wealth” financial literacy workshops quarterly however one-on-one sessions can be scheduled any time.

NRCDC believes working families can move up the economic ladder by building assets and gaining financial security. The organization is committed to empowering individuals to make more informed financial decisions that improve their financial condition and collectively grow community wealth.

For more information on financial counseling & asset building, NRCDC at 713-520-5232 or